What is Antinol?®

Antinol® is the all new natural joint support supplement containing PCSO-524® and it’s now available around the world.

The concentrated formula supports the natural anti-inflammatory action of the body’s metabolism, helping to keep joints healthy and to maintain mobility.

Antinol® is a fast acting formula and taken daily, Antinol® will help your dog maintain an active lifestyle and will help support joint metabolism.

Why Antinol® is Unique

Antinol® is the result of years of research in isolating and combining lipid groups and essential acids.

Antinol® cannot be compared to other products on the market due to the patented extraction process as evidenced by Professor Sir Michael Whitehouse in the published Medical Journal of Inflammopharmacology.

Around the world, many veterinarians use Antinol® to help support dogs' ability to run, walk and jump and help maintain quality of life.

Ask your vet how Antinol® can help your dog by supporting joint and cartilage health.

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The Active Ingredients in Antinol®

PCSO-524® 50mg, D-Alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Gelatin, Glycerin, Olive Oil


PCSO-524® is a unique CO2 stabilized oil from the New Zealand Green-Lipped mussel, Perna canaliculus. It’s the functional ingredient in the formulation of Antinol®, derived only from a patented process unique to Antinol®

Patented stabilisation and extraction processes concentrate and preserve the original active properties of the New Zealand Green-Lipped mussels’ fatty acids, including EPA and DHA.

Antinol® Fatty Acid Crystallisation

Fatty acid crystals may appear within Antinol® and look like cloudy sediment has formed inside the soft gel capsule. This crystallisation is a natural chemical process and occurs randomly in the formulated product with cooler storage conditions (change of weather season / refrigerator storage). These temperature conditions will also make the soft gel capsule feel firmer and harder. This change in appearance and feel is normal and does not affect the integrity, safety or performance of the product.


Safe & Clinically Tested

Antinol® is routinely recommended by veterinarians around the world. In just 3 years, Antinol® has become the leading joint mobility therapy in Japan and the good news is that it’s now registered and available in the UK!

Antinol® has been clinically proven to support and promote optimal health.

Ask your vet about Antinol®

If this is your first time using Antinol® it’s always a good idea to discuss your pet's condition with your vet, who will be able to advise on how Antinol® could support joint health and mobility for your pet.

Feeding & Storing Antinol®

Antinol® is a small soft gel capsule only 1cm long so it’s super easy to give to your pet. Most dogs will gladly eat it out of your hand, however as the PCSO-524® has a very distinct marine smell we would suggest if they are a chomper rather than an inhaler of treats to not use this method.

Instead, try mixing it in with a small amount of wet food or a treat. There is also the option to pierce the soft gel capsuleand mix the oil in with their food or treat such as yoghurt.

Antinol® is best stored at 25°C or below.

Keep Antinol® out of direct sunlight and away from heat and humidity. Ideally, in hotter climates, Antinol® should be kept in the refrigerator and removed from the container just prior to feeding.

Feeding Guide

The amount of Antinol® capsules recommended will depend on your pet’s weight and the severity of their symptoms / condition.

Below is a guide for dogs but it’s always best to consult your vet for the most accurate dosage for your pet if this is your first time using Antinol®.

Dog dosage


Under 20 kg

1 Capsule Daily
Dog capsule 1

Over 20 kg

2 Capsules Daily
Dog capsule 2
Cat dosage


Up to 9 kg

1 Capsule Daily
Cat capsule 1

Over 9 kg

1-2 Capsules Daily
Cat capsule 2

Where to Get Antinol®

Antinol® is exclusively available from your vet or on through our online store

Want us to provide your vet with a Vet Code for a 5% discount on Antinol? Would you like Antinol stocked at your local vet practice?

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