Antinol® is now available from leading UK Referral Centres and First Opinion Practices

Ask your vet how Antinol® can help your pet!

Supporting the body’s natural anti-inflammatory action, Antinol® is now available to purchase in the UK.


A bioactive lipid matrix

Antinol® is the all new unique patented marine lipid compound, containing PCSO-524® but no mussel powder.

100% natural ingredient, the PCSO-524® contained in Antinol® is now assisting veterinary surgeons worldwide to help maintain healthy joints and mobility.

PCSO-524® delivers a synergistic effect, greater than the sum of its parts, supporting the natural anti-inflammatory action of the pet’s metabolism.

Taken daily, Antinol® will visibly provide greater comfort to your pet to maintain an active lifestyle, and is safe for long-term use.

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For Dogs

Antinol® helps dogs maintain active lives. It supports your dog’s joint health & mobility to help keep them active and playful.
Antinol® for Dogs

For Cats

Antinol® helps keep cats frisky and playful by enhancing joint comfort and mobility.
Antinol® for Cats

Pet Owner Success Stories

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My girl Petunia was limping terribly; my vet suggested Antinol. She was diagnosed with osteoarthritis.




We've noticed a real spark come back to our stoic Treacle. She brings so much happiness to our family, I'm glad we can help make her later years that little more comfortable.




Chasing anything that moves in the park is what Henry does best - we love that he just seems to get faster with age!




He gets on well with Antinol, being a lab keeping him fit and healthy is vital.




Since being on Antinol he is much freer in his movement and potters around a lot more during the day




I could see those tell-tale signs of OA gaiting; her usual movements were limited and she was shifting her wait to her stronger (left) side to compensate. I reduced her normal levels of activity and stopped all training with her, but it was amazing to see how well and how fast this all improved with Antinol, under the guidance of Mike Guilliard.


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