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Supporting the body’s natural anti-inflammatory action, Antinol® is now available to purchase in the UK.

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A bioactive lipid matrix

Antinol® is the all new unique patented marine lipid compound, containing PCSO-524® but no mussel powder.

100% natural ingredient, the PCSO-524® contained in Antinol® is now assisting veterinary surgeons worldwide to help maintain healthy joints and mobility.

PCSO-524® delivers a synergistic effect, greater than the sum of its parts, supporting the natural anti-inflammatory action of the pet’s metabolism.

Taken daily, Antinol® will visibly provide greater comfort to your pet to maintain an active lifestyle, and is safe for long-term use.

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For Dogs

Antinol® helps dogs maintain active lives. It supports your dog’s joint health & mobility to help keep them active and playful.
Antinol® for Dogs

For Cats

Antinol® helps keep cats frisky and playful by enhancing joint comfort and mobility.
Antinol® for Cats

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