Antinol® for Cats

Helping vets across the world manage mobility in pets. Antinol contains PCSO-524, a unique, patented marine lipid concentrate for the support of the metabolism of joints.

The concentrated formula supports the natural anti-inflammatory action of the cat’s metabolism, helping keep joints healthy and maintain mobility.

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Joint Issues affect 1 in 2 Cats

It’s the silent epidemic afflicting cats across the country, with as many as half of all cats feeling discomfort – and because cats are experts at hiding their emotions, most of us don't know it! Joint issues have recently been identified as a far more common problem in cats than previously recognized, with veterinarians and cat owners increasingly looking for signs that cats may be experiencing joint discomfort. Have you had your cat checked by your vet lately to see if your cat is experiencing joint discomfort?

Pet Owner Success Stories

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Pet image 2


icon Gizmo seems to be able to jump up onto the kitchen work tops easier than before. He spends a lot of time sleeping on the shed roof. His mobility must have improved to enable him to get up there! It's still early days. Slow but steady progress.



icon We've noticed a real spark come back to our stoic Treacle. She brings so much happiness to our family, I'm glad we can help make her later years that little more comfortable.


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