Best Way to Buy

Antinol®︎ is available for purchase via our official online store or through your Vet.

For the best savings and most convenience, buying an online (with auto-delivery and a Vet Code - coming soon!) will give the best deal!

What is a Vet Code? A Vet Code is provided to you by your Vet and gives you 5% off your entire order. Combine this with subscribe-and-save and you'll get the most savings!

How to get the best deal

  • See your local vet about using Antinol®︎ for your pet
  • Ask for your Vet’s unique discount code
  • Come back to our official online store
  • Select your pack size, choose the quantity of Antinol®︎ your Vet recommended
  • Enter your Vet Code in Checkout to apply the discount

Here's where you get the savings!

  1. Save 8.4% when you purchase a Dog 90 pack online

  2. Free shipping when you buy over £50 - Save £3.95

  3. Save a further 10% off your entire order when you subscribe-and-save and use a vetcode

Potentially saving you £48.50 * every year!

That's the equivalent of a FREE 60 pack every year!
Why not save when you buy this for your pet each month!

*Savings based on a comparison of a 90 pack online subscription with vetcode discount and free delivery vs. a monthly purchase of a 30 pack from a vet clinic.


How to buy Antinol®︎

You can buy Antinol®︎ one of two ways: through your vet, or online.

Buying through your Vet or using our official site to get your monthly dose of Antinol®︎ is the safest way to purchase.

*We can not guarantee the quality of Antinol sold in other locations or websites.

Buy Online

We exclusively offer a Dog 30 and 90 pack and a Cat 30 pack through our official online store.

  1. Choose Dog or Cat

  2. Choose one-time or subscribe-and-save (save 5%) 

  3. Choose quantity and add to cart

  4. Enter your information

  5. Enter Vet Code

  6. Choose shipping method

  7. Choose payment method

  8. Complete purchase

Where to Buy

30 packs and 60 packs of Antinol®︎ are available for purchase through your local animal hospital.

Ask your vet about Antinol®︎ on your next visit.

Looking for a Vet that sells Antinol®︎ or need a recommendation?

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