Update on your clinic's participation in the Antinol mobility trial

Update on your clinic's participation in the Antinol mobility trial

Thank you for contributing your patient data to our study. Your clinic's data and uploaded patient video's are available for you to review online at anytime. The following is a short summary of all USA patient data, to date 696 Dogs and 117 Cats have completed the trial.

Mika (7year old Lab) is typical example of what you may be finding in your own patient file.

Here we see that Mika showed a dramatic improvement in function of the left front leg affected by elbow arthritis. Mika displays an obvious head bob and left front leg lameness before Antinol administration. The lameness and head bob have disappeared after 4 weeks on Antinol.

Graphs of your own patient's responses, video and other case studies are available to you through your Registration Page

Day 0 of the mobilty study

Day 28 of the mobilty study

Charts from USA participants

We are strong advocates of data-driven decision making so below is an outline of our current findings including video provided by patients.

We use Antinol for postoperative pain and long-term management of joints following joint injury and surgery. We have found that joints have a low grade synovitis indefinitely in these situations. This low grade synovitis is too mild to cause the pet to show clinical signs, but it is severe enough to lead to insidious progression of arthritis over time. The rationale to treat with daily Antinol after joint injury or surgery is to keep the level of this synovitis at a bare minimum to decrease the chance of future arthritis.

1. Average Pain by Day

Both dogs and cats have showed significant improvements from pet owner observations over time.

  • Dog Results
  • Cat Results

2. Quality of Life over Survey Period

Dog Quality of Life showed a 154% increase over the period. Cats had 102% increase in observed quality of life.

  • Dog Results
  • Cat Results

One unanticipated issue is that a lot of pet owners have asked about buying Antinol from us however our supplies are strictly limited to the study and not for sale. With these cases we have been referring patients back to their own veterinarian.

Our recommendation is that they continue purchasing from your clinic. You can order from any of the Boehringer Ingelheim major distributors (MWI, Schein, Patterson, Midwest, and Victor).

Your personal data is available for review

You have access to all your own personalised patient data and video uploads via the study website.

If you have questions on accessing your patient results, email us, and we will have the office coordinator reach out to you and walk you through the process.

Want to participate in our studie?

If you aren't yet a participating vet, contact us and we'll respond with how you can get a study product kit instructions.

Dr. Brian Beale & Professor Duncan Lascelles


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