The Antinol Experience: Putting The Spring Back In The Spaniel

The Antinol Experience: Putting The Spring Back In The Spaniel

This weeks Antinol Experience: Putting The Spring Back In The Spaniel comes from Bella's mum and equine therapist Rebecca

Bella's Story

A rollercoaster life has beset Bella. Harsh gundog training, abuse, and forced breeding in a puppy farm set Bella on a course of fear, anxiety and stunted growth. But life took a turn for her when she was rescued by us at 18 months old.

We gained our new family member in 2012 and slowly Bella grew in confidence. She realised the world wasn’t such a scary place and discovered that life could be lived to its fullest extent.

The years to come brought her hundreds of miles of woodland wanderings, beach bounces, sea swimming and agility action; along with a canine sister and two human siblings. Bella lived life to the full and was the classic Springer Spaniel. Ears bouncing above the crops in summer as she bounded after her ball. But come 2020 we started to notice her slow down. She wasn’t as keen to jump on the sofa for a snuggle. She was reluctant to give a paw when she had always been so eager to please. By the summer, she couldn’t jump into the car on her own. And that was when I decided to seek help. I had a chat with Chloe White and she explained how Antinol works and how it could benefit Bella.

Bella had previously suffered complications relating to other supplements because she has urinary tract disease and has to be on a prescription diet. Anything added to that reduces its effectiveness and can make her poorly.

Joint Support

Chloe explained that the concentrated formula in Antinol supports the natural anti-inflammatory action of a dog’s metabolism, helping keep joints healthy and maintain mobility.  So I started her on two capsules a day for the first two weeks followed by a single capsule daily.

One month on and there has been a shift in her personality. Her anxiety is improved, she wants to play and pounces on her sister. She is the first to jump up at any suggestion of a game and is exhibiting more puppy-like behaviours.

Since starting her on Antinol we've a whole new outlook - Bella's mobility isn’t holding her back anymore and her lust for life has returned.

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