The Antinol Experience: A Tale of 3 Tails

The Antinol Experience: A Tale of 3 Tails

Today's The Antinol Experience is a tale of 3 tales: 11 year old Rottweiler Heidi, 9 year old Chihuahua Rory and 9 year old domestic cat Hattie. All of whom were rescued by Mum to 6 dogs, 4 cats, 2 horses and 1 teenager Sarah Hopkins.


Has bilateral cruciate disease in her hips, which cause her to over compensate at the front. This in turn causes her a great deal of pain in her shoulders. She has a terrible habit of jumping up at people to greet them. I remember at her worst she would yelp every time she attempted to say hello!

As well as being on a strict diet to manage the amount of weight she has to bare, Heidi is on a joint supplement feed, has regular hydro therapy and (before Antinol was suggested to us) she used to have Metacam on and off.

However, her lameness especially improved on her shoulders once we incorporated Antinol into her daily routine. In particular after walks. The benefits were so great that we were able to slowly reduce the intermittent use of Metacam. 

We may get to a point where Antinol is not enough, but for now we've bought ourselves extra time before the disease progresses to the next stage and we need to re-introduce non-steroidals.


Rescued at 5, we took Rory the chihuahua on with inoperable luxating patellas. He also occasionally goes lame on one of his hind legs. When this happens his comfort levels drop dramatically. Antinol seems to have reduced these episodes from occurring.


One of four rescue cats, Hattie is really affected by the cold weather. After a fractured tibia at 4years old and even post surgery, this time of year would normally be particularly difficult for her. Since she was given Antinol to manage her osteoarthritis we've honestly not looked back since, the change in her condition has been huge. 


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Sarah Hopkins is a qualified veterinary nurse, turned territory manager for Hills Pet Nutrition. Her fur family of rescues continues to grow as she tries to do her bit to combat the increase of homeless pets post Covid-19. However, she tells us the 10 rescues all together are still far easier to manage compared to raising one human teen!

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