Take 5: With Vet Yogi & Antinol

Take 5: With Vet Yogi & Antinol

A huge thank you to VetYogi's Chloe and Freddie for showing us how to take 5, with our 5 Minute Yoga series.

Movement Matters

During lockdown, as a team we realised very early on that being stuck within the same 4 walls for any extended period of time hugely affected our mental health; pup and person a like. The root of this being the reduction of movement from our outdoor based lives. 

Whether you're pup people or a feline friend, you'll know just how important the great outdoors can be for revitalising the mind and keeping those muscles and joints moving.

Each week we're working through Chloe's easy to follow, pet friendly, indoor movement and breathing sessions. All from the comfort of our homes.

A Message From Vet Yogi

In a time when self-care and mental health awareness are much needed amongst the veterinary community, we need to find methods of coping and thriving. Who better to know what is relevant than another veterinary professional? We want to share realistic and evidence-based ways of what has worked for us in the hope it will help you and your colleagues.

Episode One

So, pet parents and vets alike; one and all come join us for episode 1 of our movement matters series. Starting with 5 Minute Doga.

Please enjoy and share, but ultimately stay safe and keep moving! 🐾


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