Putting Happiness In Motion: Raising Awareness

Putting Happiness In Motion: Raising Awareness

We're committed to putting happiness in motion and raising awareness for our pet pals, who often suffer in silence. May 14th-21st marks Arthritis Awareness week. 

When 2020 brought us to a stand still our pets kept us going. When we couldn't be with our extended friends and family our pets sat by our sides and offered a source of constant comfort and distraction. Together let's lead the movement, let's put happiness in motion.

The Stats

"Osteoarthritis is the most commonly diagnosed joint disease in both humans and animals. With one paper suggesting as much as 90% of cats will develop OA in their lifetime."

-Dr.Brian Beale



Dr. Brian Beale has worked in the area of treating osteoarthritis and pain in dogs and cats for over 30 years. Most pet's are living with a lower quality of life because they're not get an early enough assessment on their mobility.

According to Statista around 41% of households in Britain reported owning at least one type of pet in 2019 and 2020. With dogs and cats coming out on top as most favourite fury friends.


As avid animal lovers for us it's no surprise how much people love their pets. We hear again and again just how important a pet's health is and how strong the impact of both good or poor health can be on the rest of a family unit.

Much like a pet's personality, every animal (humans included) have their own, very specific requirements. Our pet's needs are important to us because our pets are our family. And all any pet parent wants is what's best for their families (furry or otherwise).

Why Movement Matters

If 2020 has taught us anything it's that Pets bring us together! Even more so now than ever before! For all pets movement matters; movement is freedom, movement is happiness, movement is living!

Is your pet suffering from mobility problems? The first step is to identify the triggers! Complete our simple, vet designed screening and begin your FREE 30-Day Mobility Booster Program.

 "Bonnie has hip dysplasia. We currently use Antinol as a supplement for both her and Fergus. Ever since a puppy Bonnie has shown signs of stiffness after long periods of rest."

-Mum Aimee on Bonnie and brother Fergus

Talk to your vet today about how Antinol can help to maintain healthy joints and mobility in your pet(s). Or head over to our online mobility assessment and begin the journey to restoring your pet's joint health.


With Huge thanks to Mum Aimee & kids: Fergus, Bonnie & Rosa for their photos featured through out this article. See their full story and mobility journeys here.
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