Here’s Bugsy, he’s having snow much fun!

Here’s Bugsy, he’s having snow much fun!

Bugsy sitting in Dave's backpack

Bugsy’s pet parents had always loved going to the snow, so when Bugsy joined the family, they were excited to see him hitting the slopes with them.

Bugsy was only four months old when he first saw the snow and being such a small dog, Bugsy’s mum bought him a red jacket to keep him warm, but Bugsy had different ideas. “He loves the snow and runs around so much he has never needed that jacket,” an amused Dave reported.

Dogs are just pure happiness in motion and seeing Bugsy charging down the mountain so fast is why we started him on Antinol® right from a puppy. “Many people think Antinol® is for older dogs with joint problems and it works great for them”, but Bugsy being so active Dave wanted to maintain Bugsy’s joint health right from the start and keep him doing what he loves for as long as possible.

"Antinol® is 100% Natural with no side effects and he eats one each day right from my hand. "

Dave packs Bugsy up into a backpack and takes him up the ski lift to the top. Bugsy then charges after them a full, 15 kilometers down the mountain.

Going to the snow is also a fantastic way for Bugsy to make new friends. “He’s a very friendly dog and makes lots of friends easily.”

Despite enjoying a brisk run and making new friends, Bugsy’s favourite pastime when he visits the snow is chasing snowballs.

“There’s nothing better than watching him chase a snowball and try to find it when it falls and breaks apart into the snow, and Bugsy just doesn’t understand what’s happened.” The look on his face is all “Where did it go?”

After a long day playing, running and meeting other dogs in the snow, little Bugsy warms up with a hot bath, cuddles with his family and a nice long rest, ready to do it all again the next day.


Bugsy having a bath Bugsy tired after a long day of fun

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